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Tammara Atkinson, APRN, FNP-C, CBC

Tammara is a board certified family nurse practitioner and certified breastfeeding counselor. She is also a trained postpartum doula and has over 2o years of experience in maternal and infant wellness. When she is not helping families discover the strength in every postpartum journey, she is being a mom of 2 and a mimi to her precious granddaughter.


My Story

My nursing background consists of neonatal intensive care, public health, OB triage, and high risk OB case management. I've always cared for and listened to my patients as if they were my own family. The birth of my granddaughter was a transformative and eye opening experience that ignited my passion for supporting families during the fourth trimester. As I witnessed my daughter navigate the challenges of labor, delivery and the postpartum period, I became acutely aware of the critical need for comprehensive support during this transitional phase.


I am deeply passionate about providing comprehensive support to mothers and families. With a blend of clinical expertise and compassionate care, I strive to empower and educate mothers on breastfeeding techniques, infant nutrition, and maternal wellness during the pregnancy and postpartum period. 

Ready to discover your strength?

I am committed to empowering mamas and nurturing futures. 

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